Private and Semi-Private Training at Hot Yoga Spa Nutrition & Wellness Center


Private & Semi-Private


The study of yoga originated as a dialogue between the guru and the disciple. We honor this tradition with one-on-one private instruction. Attention is paid to proper alignment, breath and to developing a practice that you can do all on your own.


Semi-Private (2-3 students)

Whether you want to practice at your location or reserve a time in our studios, we are available to meet your needs. Prices vary and are available upon request. For more information, please contact us.


These sessions can help you:


  • Establish a home practice: Evaluation of your personal goals, strategizing how to make your practice consistent.

  • Work with physical challenges or injuries: Work one on one with an instructor if you have a variety of needs including, but not limited to: stress management, sports training, managing menopausal symptoms, arthritis, hypertension, neck, back, and other acute and chronic physical injuries.

  • Deepen the therapeutic effects of your practice: Feedback on how to properly perform yoga postures, Pilates and barre exercises and adaptations for your individual goals and body.

  • Grow in physical or spiritual elements of your practice: Apply proven yogic methods, that are most relevant to you now, to increase your sense of fulfillment and joy while mastering your emotions to help lead a more successful life.