We offer nutritional counseling, menu planning, and grocery store tours. You can also pre-order from our organic tea, juice, raw foods menu and purchase and it will be waiting for you after your class or spa treatment.


Living Juices to #GetFresh


Got allergies? Enjoy local, raw honey! Sold in-studio.




Menu PlanningMenu Planning


Nutritionist will create a one or two week menu plan based on your metabolic profile and any health issues that need to be taken into consideration as well as your lifestyle (i.e., eat out or travels frequently and special dietary needs.)



Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tour

Do you have the best of intentions of making changes to your diet and then go to the grocery store and bring home the same foods you’ve always do? During this session, a certified nutritionist will meet with you at a grocery store nearby and walk through each section, pointing out the healthiest choices, making menu suggestions, & answering questions. Tour length is two hours & you are encouraged to shop while taking the tour.