Massage, Body Treatments, and Lipo-Laser



Thai Yoga Massage

Unmatched in its ability to open joints and increase range of motion and flexibility. Beginning with an soothing foot bath in purifying waters enriched with peppermint and tea tree essential oils leaving our feet soft and supple and the mind relaxed. Thai yoga massage techniques incorporate stretching, palming, and pressure points over the entire body. The ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is highly therapeutic. Thai yoga massage relieves muscle pain and tension resulting in feeling completely restored and rejuvenated. Not recommended if you are pregnant. 60-90 minutes

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Swedish Massage

Massages at Hot Yoga Spa Nutrition & Wellness CenterLong soothing strokes over oiled skin and gentle kneading of the outer layers of muscle tissue to reduce stress and soothe sore joints and muscles. Swedish massage relaxes your nervous system, aids circulation, and helps with detoxification. 60-90 minutes 


Deep Tissue

Targets your body’s deepest layers of muscle and releases tension in overstressed areas. When your muscles are severely knotted, this therapeutic treatment is designed to break it up. Deep-tissue massage is a mix of slow, short, strokes and penetrating finger pressure focused on tight, contracted areas. Thumbs, forearms, and even elbows are employed to work muscle tissue and relieve tension. 60-90 minutes


Sports Massage

Particularly helpful to athletes before, during and after sports events. Benefits are preventing injury, working out the soreness, and enhancing sports performance. Our massage therapist uses knowledge of the way the body moves in your particular sport in determining what are the most likely muscular and joint problems and needs. Stimulating, relaxing, or relief from pain. Helps athletes reach peak practice and performance levels for several years. 60-90 minutes


Raindrop Aromatherapy

Featuring 100% pure, therapeutic grade Young Living essential oils, Raindrop Technique® incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils with traditional massage resulting in energy alignment, stress relief, and the harmonious balance of every system in the body. Raindrop Technique is the result of combining ancient Lakota wisdom with the latest in essential oil research. Integrating gentle massage sequences with specific essential oils and blends has created an experience that balances energy, releases toxins, and facilitates open energy flow throughout the body. Ten different essential oils are layered onto the spine and feet. The combination of these oils, and the application of moist warm towels to the spine and back, allows the oils to penetrate your body rapidly and begin their therapeutic process on a cellular level. Raindrop Technique®, created by Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and massage. 

Raindrop Therapy has been known to increase the immune system, relieve back issues, and to create balance and harmony in the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Raindrop Therapy focuses the healing essence of the essential oils directly to the spinal column where it is believed that viruses and bacteria lie dormant until the immune system weakens. The oils create an environment that is not hospitable to these “foreign” agents in our bodies and causes them to be eliminated naturally. Raindrop Therapy is also a very effective detoxification and can assist you in eliminating symptoms associated with cold and flu, Herpes, Shingles, MRSA and a variety of other common conditions. It is a very gentle therapy and offers you the opportunity to completely relax while improving your overall wellbeing on all levels.

Essential oils used:

Valor (blend): cleanses the energy field, aligns and balances

Oregano: attacks viruses and bacteria

Thyme: attacks viruses and bacteria

Basil: anti-spasmodic, headache relief

Cypress: increases circulation

Wintergreen: anti-inflammatory/anti-spasmodic, analgesic (pain reliever)

Marjoram: relaxes musculature, lowers blood pressure

Peppermint: anti-spasmodic, assists in "pushing" in all other oils

Aroma Siez (blend): relaxing & soothing

90 Minutes


Hawaiian/Lomi Lomi Signature Massage*

Our specialty massage. A native Polynesian and Hawaiian healing practice, lomilomi massage or lomilomi nui (also called Ka Huna massage) is a deeply nurturing style of massage characterized by fast flowing movement and a spiritual bent—focus is on giving the treatment with love and intention. Traditional practitioners may offer a prayer beforehand. Strokes are long, flowing, fast, and rhythmic, and hands, forearms, and occasionally fists are utilized for off-and-on deep pressure. 60-90 minutes


Foot & Leg Massage

Begins with a soak in soothing warm water with a few drops of pure peppermint and tea tree essential oils. The massage therapist applies our signature foot massage cream, making sure the feet are warm and comfortable. The foot massage begins with stroking of the top of foot, between cords located on top of foot at instep and moving in the direction of toe to ankle. Initial gentle pressure yields to increasing pressure, with circular motions of the thumb and fingers over the sole of the foot, and even more pressure in areas such as the ball of the foot. Pressure points on the foot are focused on in order to target other parts of the body. 60-90 minutes



Designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. An effective as a stress reducer. Warm essential oils are massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions. Benefits include stress relief, reduction in headaches and migraines, and boost in blood flow stimulation. The increase in blood flow aids in feeding and strengthening the hair follicles, which may cause the hair to grow at a faster rate, as well as aid in the fight to avoid hair loss. 30 minutes


Hot Stone (Add-on to any massage)

Basalt stones are heated to 120–140º F, rubbed over your oiled body, and then rest on top of you. The stones’ warmth enhances the relaxing effects of the pressure. The stones have healing, grounding qualities, which makes hot stone massage a more profound experience than your basic massage. $10




Raindrop Aromatherapy