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Corporate Wellness Program


Healthy Employees are Happy and More Productive Employees.
Health is Wealth!


With the rising cost of health care, Wellness Programs are becoming increasingly important. Our partners experience decreased employee absenteeism, increased productivity, and enjoy a powerful recruitment and retention tool. Let us partner with your company to identify your health and wellness concerns, created a specialized wellness program to meet your needs, and maximize employee participation.


We offer special wellness benefits and special pricing with 10 or more employee memberships! When employees are healthy, they're happier, and tend to have reduced health care costs and improved productivity. Inquire about starting an employee wellness program at your company. As a result, you'll see healthier, happier, more productive employees -- and a healthier bottom line.



Hot Yoga Spa

Nutrition & Wellness Center?


  • Leading provider of the best teachers, nutrition
    & wellness programs in the area.

  • Offers multiple yoga & nutrition & wellness classes and spa services for everyone.

  • Innovative mindful fitness programming for people looking for yoga and barre routines to compliment their fitness regime.


Benefits Of A Wellness Program


  • Reduced Healthcare Claims & Insurance Premiums.

  • Increase productivity & Job Satisfaction

  • Reduced Employee Stress, Absenteeism and Employee Turnover.

  • More Easily Recruit & Retain Employees

  • Positive Return on Investment


As an Employee Wellness Partner, you'll enjoy these benefits: 


Reduced Healthcare Claims & Insurance Premiums
"An analysis of GE Aircraft indicated that medical claims submitted by the company's fitness center members decreased by 27%, while claims made by non-members actually rose 17%." - Worksite Health Promotions Economics

Increased Productivity and Job Satisfaction 
"In a study by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, 63% of employees enrolled in their fitness program believed that it improved their productivity; 75% said that it boosted their morale." - Good Health, Good Business, Johnson & Johnson

More Easily Recruit and Retain Employees 
"In the first year, the annual employee-turnover rate for Canada Life Insurance Company of Toronto's fitness program participants was 1.8%, compared to the company-wide average of 18%." - American Journal of Health Promotion

Reduced Employee Stress 
The work week is expanding, competition is fierce and employees are stressed. In a recent nationwide poll, 78% of Americans describe their jobs as stressful. Regular exercise is a powerful tool in reducing stress. 

Positive Return on Investment 
The reported cost-benefit ratios for fitness and wellness programs across a variety of industries range from $1.24 to as high as $8.33 for every dollar spent on employee wellness initiatives.



Bring Health & Wellness to your Employees:


  • Complimentary preferred rates.

  • HYS instructor led classes in your office space.

  • On-demand & live stream classes available anytime, anywhere.


For more information on a perk that really works for you and your team, please contact us.



Corporate Offerings



We provide experienced, certified instructors, therapists and nutrition & wellness professionals. We can teach class in a conference room or meeting space. We work with you to design classes that are convenient in time, duration, and frequency. We design wellness events and Employee Appreciation Days with:


  • chair massage
  • health and nutrition advice and talks
  • yoga classes or demos

We work with you to customize classes and events to fit your needs and culture.




We offer corporate rates for regularly scheduled group classes at our studio. We can host a team-building event at our studio.

There are now many studies that show the advantages of yoga for both employers and their employees from introducing a regular yoga class into the office environment. It is a highly cost-effective way of supporting and re-energizing staff and a good way of showing corporate commitment to staff well-being. Yoga also helps create a more pleasant working environment and lowers workplace stress--reducing absenteeism and improve talent retention. Many large companies are now providing yoga for their employees on a weekly basis after having seen the wonderful benefits yoga can have on the company and its staff. 

For example in this section from a Yoga Journal article below citing HBO’s love for yoga:


At HBO in New York, employee health and fitness director Bill Boyle can’t keep pace with the demand for yoga classes. He recently added a third class to the weekly schedule and would add more if he had room. Boyle attributes the boom in yoga at HBO to rising levels of workplace stress.

“Everybody is under more stress now, and has to perform better, and work more hours per day. Yoga gives them a chance to take it all in stride.”

Boyle is convinced that the investment HBO is making to subsidize yoga classes for employees 
is well worth it. “The deep breathing and relaxation employees get from yoga help them to be more focused
and less anxious. When they go back to work, they’re in a position to make better decisions. You don’t want people making business decisions when they’re stressed.”